Counting your blessings

Posted on June 20, 2015

what are your assets

In the everyday-ness of our living, we often forget to take stock of the special-ness of our lives.

We forget to take stock of our blessings. We forget to tally our life’s balance sheet.

And because of that, we tend to develop a lopsided view of our lives, focussing our attention disproportionately on what we don’t have.

Its a good thing to take stock once in a while. To see how the tally adds up. To count our blessings. Just to develop a more balanced view of where we are, in the grand scheme of things.

Today, take a piece of paper, draw two columns. Write [Asset] on top of one column and [Liability] on top of the other.

And, then ask your[self]:

What are the 10 things I will put in my Assets column?

What do you create in your studio

Posted on June 5, 2015

what does your studio create


When a poet walks into her studio, poetry is created
When a carpenter walks into his studio, furniture is created
When a doctor walks into his studio, health is created
When a janitor walks into her studio, sanctity is created
When a teacher walks into her studio, learning is created
When a priest walks into his studio, connection is created

Ask your[self]:

When I walk into my studio, what is created?

NB: your office need not be your studio

Terminal Day

Posted on April 19, 2015

terminal day

Ricardo Semler calls Mondays & Thursdays his Terminals Days.

He explains:

“On Mondays and Thursdays, I learn how to die. I call them my terminal days. My wife Fernanda doesn’t like the term, but a lot of people in my family died of melanoma cancer and my parents and grandparents had it. And I kept thinking, one day I could be sitting in front of a doctor who looks at my exams and says, “Ricardo, things don’t look very good. You have six months or a year to live.”

Every Monday and Thursday, I’m going to use my terminal days. And I will do, during those days, whatever it is I was going to do if I had received that piece of news.”

Ricardo says he learns to die on these days. I say – he learns to live, on these days.

Today, pick a day of the week as your Terminal Day and ask your[self]:

How would I live my Terminal Day?

Job. Career. Calling

Posted on April 15, 2015

job career calling
Job.Career.Calling – Three completely different concepts.

Stefan Sagmeister explains the difference very well:

Job: is something that is usually done between 9am-5pm, for a pay

Career: is a system of advancements and achievements linked to work, over a period of time

Calling: is something done for its intrinsic value, regardless of whether you get paid for it or not

At some point in your life, you need to sit back and ask your[self]:

What is my Job?

What is my Career?

What is my Calling?

NB: Synonym for Calling – Art.

What have you been hiding

Posted on April 12, 2015

what have you been hiding

Morgana Bailey hid something about her from the world. for 15 years. and she suffered for 15 years.

The things we hide are the things that lead to our sufferings and anxieties.

The best life is a transparent life. People should be able to open the cupboards and see the real us. The authentic us.

An authentic life is a blessing. And a relief.

Open your inner cupboard today and ask your[self]:

What am I hiding from the world?

what goal will you set

Posted on February 14, 2015

what goal will you set

Over the last 7 years this has been my journey with running:

2008 – Why do people run!
2009 – Amazing how people run!
2010 – Can I run 10K ?
2011 – Can I run a marathon?
2012 – Can I run two marathons in one year?
2013 – Can I run a marathon under 4 hrs.?
2014 – Can I run a trail marathon?
2015 – Can I run an ultra marathon?


Realisation #1 – Those goals mean nothing & they keep shifting

Realisation #2 – Those goals make the journey playful

Just for the fun of it – pick up an activity you are passionate about, give yourself a year’s time and then

Ask your[self] :

What goal should i set?


What behaviour will you change with your art

Posted on February 10, 2015

what behavior will you change with your art

Recently, President Obama interrupted the grammy awards to share a thought [link] . He was essentially talking about changing some behaviour patterns in society. And it was interesting that he reached out to artists for help.
Artists come with the unique ability to influence culture. And culture has the unique ability to change collective behaviour
If you believe you are an artist ( which you are) and if you know what your art is:
Look at all the behaviour patterns you might want to influence,  and ask your[self]:
What human behaviour do I change with my art?
NB: intention is the birthplace of action

Slowing down the doomsday clock

Posted on January 25, 2015

slowing down the doomsday clock

Have you heard about the Doomsday Clock?

Did you know that the climate change experts and atomic scientists decided to move the minute hand of the clock from 11.55 to 11.57 recently?

Do you know what will happen when the clock strikes 1200?

I am sure you are not aware. I am sure your child is not aware. I am sure most of humanity is unaware. Which is why no significant positive change has  impacted the climate change conversation.

The big issue is buck-passing. From Individuals to governments & institutions. But who suffers? Individuals or government?

Climate change is impacting us and there is proof enough. You need listen to the ticking of the doomsday clock.

Acknowledge facts, and ask your[self]

How will [ I ], in my own ways, slow the clock?

What is your dream

Posted on January 20, 2015

i have a dream

Most of us don’t.

Because we are too scared to have one.

We are too scared to imagine beyond the boundaries society has drawn around us. We are too scared to dream. Too scared to question Status Quo.

If you don’t have a dream, you don’t have a journey to look  forward to. There is no trail to walk, there is no mountain to climb, there is no music to compose, there is no child to teach, there is no recipe to craft….

Having a dream changes everything. It puts you on the road…

Today, be ruthless with your[self] and ask:

What is my dream?

NB: Remind yourself that it’s not about conquering the other. Its probably is about conquering something inside you.

Gifting Experiences

Posted on January 8, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.56.32 pm

It’s a New Year. And its time to send gifts.

We gift things. To people we love and care for.

People treasure things. But people treasure experiences more

Gifting experiences is better than gifting things.


Today, pick 10 people you love.

And, ask your[self]

Knowing who they are:

If I could gift them unique experiences, what would I give?