Counting your blessings

Posted on June 20, 2015

what are your assets

In the everyday-ness of our living, we often forget to take stock of the special-ness of our lives.

We forget to take stock of our blessings. We forget to tally our life’s balance sheet.

And because of that, we tend to develop a lopsided view of our lives, focussing our attention disproportionately on what we don’t have.

Its a good thing to take stock once in a while. To see how the tally adds up. To count our blessings. Just to develop a more balanced view of where we are, in the grand scheme of things.

Today, take a piece of paper, draw two columns. Write [Asset] on top of one column and [Liability] on top of the other.

And, then ask your[self]:

What are the 10 things I will put in my Assets column?

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