Thank You

Posted on November 27, 2014

thank you

Khalil Gibran wrote: Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.

Being thankful in not a virtue. Its an essential obligation to the world we live in. Unfortunately, we forget to thank. We forget to thank enough.

We forget to thank those who never spoke up.

We forget to thank those who are too close to us

We forget to thank those who are invisible

We forget to thank the world beyond humans

We forget to thank ourselves

Today is Thankgiving Day. Everyday is Thanksgiving Day.

Today, Ask your[self]

Who have I forgotten to thank?



vector designed by Luis Durazo from the Noun Project

Wake up call

Posted on November 18, 2014

poster on the wall

Imagine you had poster hanging in your bedroom

Every morning of your life, when you wake up- that’s the first thing you see.

Ask your[self]:

What is the message on that poster

What would be say / show

Circle of Influence

Posted on November 9, 2014

cirlcle of influence

There are countless problems in the world

There are countless ways of making the world a better place

There are countless issues that bother you and make you think

You have a  [Circle of Concern]  with many problems inside that spinning circle.

Inside the Circle of Concern is your [Circle of Influence] – a smaller circle  that shows you the problems you can influence – with your ability, resources, knowledge, network…

Zone in into your [ Circle of Influence] & Ask your[Self] –

What are the three issues that I would park in my Circle of Influence?



Now- check back a month later to see what you have done about any of them

job to be done

Posted on October 24, 2014


Its simple if you think of it:

A hammer is for getting nails into surfaces

A tap is for regulating and delivering water

A book is for making people travel, imagine, and think

A cup of tea is for invigorating and energising us

A guru is for teaching and showing the way

A salon is for making us look good

A light is for brightening the place around it

A car is for driving us from one point to another

A magician is for entertaining with her magic


And you?

Today, Ask your[self]:

What I am for?

What job am I supposed to do here?

#Your JTBD


Paint something yellow

Posted on October 5, 2014

painting something yellow

A while back I was in Amsterdam, one of my favourite places on earth.

Walking down the streets, I see this quaint design studio. Instinctively, I walk in and start browsing. Along the aisles, I come across this rack where they

have a small [tin of bright yellow paint and a brush] – with a note : take this and paint something in your life yellow!



If I give you a tin of bright yellow paint and a brush and ask you to paint something in your life yellow, don’t think too much and ask your[self]:

What object in my world will I paint yellow?

By this time next year

Posted on September 28, 2014

this time next year

As I browse through the The Checklist Manifesto written by Atul Gawande, I come to realise the power of a simple act of making checklists. He makes a rather compelling argument that we can wade through the complexity of life and achieve a lot by the simplest of methods: keeping a checklist


So here you are. Make a checklist. A simple checklist of 4 simple things you want to achieve in the next 12 month.


Take a small piece of paper, draw 4 lines and number them 1-4.

Give yourself one year from today and ask your[self] :

What are the 4 things I should have finished by this time next year


Note: Then fold the paper and keep it in your wallet for easy and frequent reference


When I Die

Posted on September 7, 2014

when I die


Some amazing people have left us in the recent past. The last one to leave the stage was Joan Rivers. Her art — making people laugh. What a rare and precious art!

As I was journeying through her works, came across this “ When I Die” declaration. Read it and you will know who she was.

We all know we will die one day. Lets make some sense of what is to happen next.

Sit somewhere, ask your[self]:

When I Die….



Note: Remember the word ‘Celebration’ when you do that.



Best At

Posted on September 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.44.22 pm

Started the day reading Seth Godin’s inspiring note on getting into the [shortlist]. Worth a read for anyone trying to work their way up to meet their story.

The journey to meet your best self always involves a point where you know what you can deliver best. That one act, one process, one piece of art — that one thing you are good. So good that you will be the natural and best ’go to’ person to get that job done.

Look into your inner toolkit and ask your[self]:

What will be that one job my best friends and family will hire me to do?

Losing Balance

Posted on August 30, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.36.11 pm

Balance, for me is the essence of the world.
The interplay between the male-female, yin-yang, creation-destruction …they all sit fulcrum-ed at the notion of balance.
A man named Siddhartha, finally, after years of searching, found his answer in that word – Balance. He called it the middle path.

Ask your[self]

When was the last time you lost your balance? What are those situations which make you tip over? -Why?

Filling the empty bowl

Posted on August 24, 2014

filling the empty bowl

Have been reading [ White ] written by one of my favourite designers – Kenya Hara. The book talks about the concept of emptiness.

On The subject of emptiness:

Imagine if you could empty your life today. Empty it of everything – friends, family, jobs, passions, emotions, stresses, joys, sorrows, memories….

Imagine if the bowl got empty. Completely empty.

Now : I want you you to think about the first 10 things you will fill into that bowl of new life. Things that you [choose] to fill it with.

Sit back, collect all your belongings, take stock of your life’s inventory,
And then ask your[self]:

What are the first 10 things you will fill in that empty bowl of your new life?

Brand them [precious]