Slowing down the doomsday clock

Posted on January 25, 2015

slowing down the doomsday clock

Have you heard about the Doomsday Clock?

Did you know that the climate change experts and atomic scientists decided to move the minute hand of the clock from 11.55 to 11.57 recently?

Do you know what will happen when the clock strikes 1200?

I am sure you are not aware. I am sure your child is not aware. I am sure most of humanity is unaware. Which is why no significant positive change hasĀ  impacted the climate change conversation.

The big issue is buck-passing. From Individuals to governments & institutions. But who suffers? Individuals or government?

Climate change is impacting us and there is proof enough. You need listen to the ticking of the doomsday clock.

Acknowledge facts, and ask your[self]

How will [ I ], in my own ways, slow the clock?

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