what goal will you set

Posted on February 14, 2015

what goal will you set

Over the last 7 years this has been my journey with running:

2008 – Why do people run!
2009 – Amazing how people run!
2010 – Can I run 10K ?
2011 – Can I run a marathon?
2012 – Can I run two marathons in one year?
2013 – Can I run a marathon under 4 hrs.?
2014 – Can I run a trail marathon?
2015 – Can I run an ultra marathon?


Realisation #1 – Those goals mean nothing & they keep shifting

Realisation #2 – Those goals make the journey playful

Just for the fun of it – pick up an activity you are passionate about, give yourself a year’s time and then

Ask your[self] :

What goal should i set?


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